Our private living space is a mirror of our personality. A charming fusion of different styles and objects, of memories and emotions. In the course of time, everything finds its place - whether intentionally or at random, whether it be something handed down to you by your grandmother or discovered while you were travelling, whether it be modern or classic in origin. In this way, every living space tells its own, very individual, story. It is the story and the desires of the people who live in this space and who provide it with a character all of its own. The change and the interaction of personal styles is the foundation of the new Axor Urquiola collection. Take advantage of this new freedom to release your own, invigorating mix of styles and create your personal retreat. With Axor Urquiola, the line between bathroom and living area, between today and tomorrow becomes fluid. It offers an invigorating freedom that awakens our senses - every day anew.


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Some items may be out of their original boxes, or installed in a working showroom display. All sales final.