What's Your Style? Rustic.

Rustic bathrooms embrace the natural beauty of the outdoors, pairing rugged materials with warm, cozy textiles to create a welcoming space. Today’s interpretation of the look can lean more (or less) contemporary depending on your design sensibility.

Key features:

  • Wood or wood-look vanity, rough-hewn wood beams, cabinetry, and wood paneling
  • Vessel sinks made from stone or copper – anything with a patina!
  • Natural stone counters, floors, and wall treatments
  • Copper bathtub, Japanese-style soaking tub or classic claw-foot
  • Dark metal hardware in hammered, matte, and weathered finishes such as oil-rubbed bronze, antiqued brass, or hammered copper
  • Warming details such as kilim rugs and filament bulb vanity lights
  • Earthy, nature-inspired color palettes

Color palette:
Echo the hues of natural materials such as stone and warm woods with paint colors and accents in similar shades for a rich, cozy look.

  • Neutrals. Buttermilk, cream, straw, wheat, stone
  • Earth tones. Chestnut, mushroom, umber, terra cotta, sepia
  • Spicy hues. Cinnamon, saffron, pumpkin, chili pepper, baked apple

Things you WILL find:

Furniture-Style Vanity
Wood (or wood-look) vanities with furniture-style details such as legs and open shelving bring a homey touch to rustic bathrooms.

Warm Wood
Wood plays a key role in rustic bathrooms, warming up cool stone and referencing the outdoors. Consider wood for beams, paneled feature walls, flooring, vanities, and accessories.

Vessel Sink
A vessel sink made from stone or copper can become the focal point in a rustic bathroom or powder room. Look for rounded and organic natural shapes with tactile texture or patina.

Natural Stone
Stone counters, floors and wall treatments also bring natural texture to rustic-style bathrooms. Rich, earthy materials such as slate, fieldstone, travertine, soapstone, and pebble tile are all good options.

Statement Bathtub
A freestanding bathtub can make a beautiful centerpiece in a rustic bathroom. Look for a warm copper tub, a Japanese-style soaking tub or a classic claw-foot. Modern freestanding bathtubs can also work well in rustic bathrooms if your take on the look is more contemporary.

Weathered Metal
Rustic-style metal finishes often have a bit of patina — think softly gleaming or matte rather than shiny or high-gloss. Look for cabinet pulls, faucets and lighting in dark, weathered metal finishes such as oil-rubbed bronze, antique brass, or hammered copper. Or opt for something more whimsical like twig- or stone-shaped hardware.

Things You Won’t Find:

  • Wild color palettes
  • Innovative trends
  • Highly polished finishes such as chrome
  • Lucite, molded plastic, and other clearly man-made materials
  • A mix-and-match approach to materials and finishes