What's Your Style? Contemporary and Tech-Savvy.

Contemporary bathrooms fully embrace the latest in technology, materials, and trends, creating a look with clean lines and minimal adornment. Contemporary bathrooms can (and do) break the rules, but they stay away from heavy embellishments and traditional shapes.

Key features:

  • Sleek vanity: floating with flat-panel doors and drawers.
  • Minimalist faucets and hardware
  • Glass shower enclosure
  • Statement tile
  • Slim-profile mirrors
  • The latest technology such as digital shower controls and smart mirrors

Color palette:
 A black-and-white palette is a popular choice in contemporary bathrooms, although any high-contrast color combination can work.

  • High contrast: White, black, charcoal
  • Sophisticated neutrals: Dove gray, taupe, mushroom, ivory
  • Bold accent hues: Teal, navy, fire engine red, yellow, gold

Things you WILL find:

Sleek Vanity
Contemporary bathrooms favor simple, streamlined vanities with no ornamental accents. Look for wall-mounted “floating” vanities paired with undermount sinks; marble, quartz, or solid-surface counters with integrated sinks.

Minimalist Faucets
Wall-mounted or single-handle faucets with slender, minimalist profiles fit contemporary bathrooms beautifully. Look for updated and high-tech designs for the whole bath, including shower panels, smart controls, and touch-free faucets.

Freestanding Bathtub
A clean-lined, sculptural modern tub can become the focal point of the space.

Glass Shower Enclosure
Simple, elegant glass shower enclosures are a good choice for contemporary bathrooms. Enclosures can be complete, with hinged or sliding doors; or they can be made up of glass panels with a doorless opening. 

Statement Tile
Tile in contemporary bathrooms can run from neutral to boldly colorful. Choices range from a neutral tile in an artistic shape to a full-blown colorful and patterned tile.

Slim-Profile Mirrors
Mirrors in contemporary bathrooms tend to either be frameless or feature a slim, minimalist frame. The clean lines and light-enhancing qualities of the mirror itself — whether round, rectangular or another shape — are more important than the frame. Also look for mirrors with integral lighting and hidden storage.

Things You Won’t Find:

Contemporary bathrooms can (and do) break the rules, but they most often stay away from heavy embellishments and traditional shapes. Here’s what you won’t see:

  • Carved door faces or ornate knobs
  • Elaborate molding or wainscoting
  • Cluttered surfaces
  • Heavy or ornate mirrors and lighting