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Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Posted by Amy Siders on September 22, 2023 0 Comments


Mirror, Mirror on the wall…

You may think you know the rest of the storybook line, but this sentence can actually be completed in a few different ways:


Who’s the most functional of them all?

Who’s the prettiest of them all?

Who offers the most storage of all?


Waterhouse offers mirrors and medicine cabinets that offer task lighting, hidden outlets and USB charging ports, magnification mirrors, shelves and organizers, beauty, and some really big “wow” factors.

A medicine cabinet plays a leading role in your daily routine while adding style to your space. 

Choosing a medicine cabinet doesn’t always get the same thoughtful consideration that other bathroom components might.

Let Waterhouse guide you through the process of planning for, choosing, purchasing, and installing a medicine cabinet (or mirror.) We’ll help you find the right cabinet, with the right style and function for your bathroom space.


Before:  Pendants casting shadows in a too-dark bathroom.

After:  Lighted, mirrored cabinets cast an even glow, uncluttering the space physically and visually.


  1. Are you designing a powder room where storage isn’t a major concern? If so, you might opt for a simple mirror instead of a medicine cabinet with storage.
  2. Do you need a primary storage space to pair with a pedestal sink or to add extra storage for items you use every day?
  3. What will you be storing in your bathroom? Large bottles? Small items that get lost in the clutter?
  4. Are you able to cut into your bathroom wall to install a recessed cabinet? If not, the Waterhouse team can help you find the perfect surface mount cabinet or a simple mirror.
  5. What is the lighting like in your bathroom? How does lighting affect your room’s aesthetic? What role does it play in the way you use the bathroom for grooming?

Medicine cabinets come in a variety of sizes and installation types to match the scale and structure of your space.

Here’s how to measure the area accurately and ensure the proper fit ahead of your medicine cabinet installation.



  1. Measure the width of your vanity – your medicine cabinet should be narrower or the same with as the vanity.
  2. To determine the height, measure the distance between your lights and faucet. Choose a medicine cabinet size that provides clearance above the faucet and below the lights.

Installation Type

Now you know what size you need, but how do you want to install your new medicine cabinet?


Surface-mount cabinets mount flush with your wall, meaning there is no cutting required. Side kits are available in the color or finish of your choice so you can create a more polished look.

Recessed medicine cabinets install between the studs in your wall, offering a sleek, flattened look. You’ll need to cut into the wall to install and build the cabinet framework.


Other design considerations:

Beveled edges add polished elegance and design interest.


Mirrors with a flat edge offer crisp lines and precise angles to keep things simple.


Kohler's Verdera mirror and medicine cabinet family is a one stop shop for completing the grooming area in the bathroom space. 30 mirror and medicine cabinet options in 12 sizes ranging from 15" to 40" in length is just a glimpse of how versatile the collection is. With elegant design, easy installation, and thoughtful features and functions, the Verdera collection is sure to meet your needs.

Features and Function

Thoughtful storage options: Kohler Verdera non-lighted medicine cabinet

Verdera non-lighted medicine cabinets feature:

  • Wall or recessed mounting ability with necessary hardware included.
  • Adjustable 3x magnifying or flat mirror on inside of door.
  • Two to three (depending on size) adjustable tempered-glass shelves for enhanced storage capability.
  • Slow close doors to prevent slamming (non-slow close medicine cabinets also offered).
  • Mirrored interior.
  • Optional side kits for surface-mount installation (sold separately.)

Verdera Lighted Medicine Cabinets have all the same features of non-lighted Verdera Medicine Cabinets plus pivoting side panels allowing light to be directed exactly where needed.




VERDERA LIGHTED MIRROR – available in 4 sizes

Verdera lighted mirrors feature:

  • 3 different size options (LxW | 24"x33", 34"x33", and 40"x33".)
  • Anodized aluminum construction with a durable rustproof and chip-resistant finish.
  • Integrated LED bulbs have an estimated life expectancy of 59,000 hours. That's approximately an 18-year lifespan, or 3 years longer than the average household LED bulb.
  • Bulb brightness of 2200 lumens is nearly three times the household LED average and ensures consistent lighting with no hot spots or dark spots.


Have more storage than you need? 

Don't need additional task or ambient lighting?

Are you drawn to a simpler, more versatile mirror?

Kohler’s Essential Collection is available in three silhouettes and a range of dynamic finishes.


Round. Capsule. Rectangle. Arch.

Wood. Metal.

So. Many. Possibilities.

Moderne Brushed Gold. Polished Chrome. Brushed Nickel. Matte Black.

The possibilities are endless!

The best part? 

These framed mirrors can fit anywhere.

Hallways. Entryways. Dining rooms. Bedrooms.

Add a touch of sophistication and character to any part of your home.


Mirrors aren't just household items that propel fairytales forward.

Or just for looking at yourself.

They're for:

Lighting. Storage. Reflection. Magnification. Art. Beauty. Expression.

Let Waterhouse help you express yourself.

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