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Kitchen faucets that work like magic. POOF! It's on!

Posted by Amy Siders on April 26, 2022 0 Comments

Do you like conserving water?  Yes!

Do you need your kitchen to be as germ-free as possible?  Yes!

Do you want your kitchen fixtures to be easy to use?  Yes!

Should your kitchen faucet be functional AND beautiful?  Yes!

Waterhouse thinks so too!

A simple upgrade to a motion activated, voice activated, and touchless faucet will give you a cleaner, more hygienic kitchen while making your day-to-day cooking and cleaning easy, fun, and MAGICAL!

KOHLER Artifacts kitchen faucet



Simple to use



A simple wave of the hand or kitchen utensil turns the faucet on or off.

KOHLER Crue kitchen faucet



Accurate and dependable



The sensor in this Kohler faucet is powered by Response® technology and is located under the arch of the spout to minimize false activations and keep the faucet cleaner.

KOHLER Graze kitchen faucet



Clean and efficient



A touchless faucet minimizes cross-contamination by ensuring germs are not passed on to the next person using the faucet. The two-function spray head makes it easy for customers to switch from the default stream spray to the wide and powerful sweep spray to make clean-up easy.

KOHLER Sensate kitchen faucet



Easy installation



Touchless faucets are ready to install out of the box like any other Kohler faucet. The only extra step is plugging the faucet into an outlet. There are no batteries to worry about, and a manual override allows customers to use the faucet if the power goes out.

KOHLER Simplice kitchen faucet



Voice-activated faucets 



This smart kitchen faucet features KOHLER Konnect technology and can be activated either by voice command or motion sensor. Konnect technology allows you to turn the faucet on and off with your voice, pour specific amounts of water, and more. The hand-washing command follows current CDC guidelines. Smart faucets pair with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit.

Waterhouse has more working kitchen faucets than any showroom in the region.

Come splash.  Come play.  Come see how a touchless kitchen faucet can be a complete game changer in your home.



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