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Bidets are weird and only fancy people use them. Waterhouse busts myths about bidets.

Posted on May 12, 2022


There’s no doubt people have some resistance to bidets in the US. But, as the benefits of bidet use come to light, the stigma around bathroom hygiene is shifting.

Bidet companies are seeing sales double, or even up to 8x more interest in their products in the U.S. Eventually, bidet fixtures will be the new normal. Waterhouse wants you to be ahead of the curve. Be a trendsetter. Go BIDET!

This isn’t Europe, you know…

Year after year it's having a snowball effect. When people travel, they try it. A friend gets a bidet. Their friends and family try it and they love it. They stay in a hotel with a bidet and then wonder how they've used only toilet paper in the past. The more people that buy bidets, the more the word spreads, whether it's from media outlets, word of mouth, or social media. People today are more open to not only trying new things but openly talking about it, specifically bathroom practices. Ten years ago, it was unheard of, but nothing is taboo anymore.

According to a survey of more than 1,000 U.S. adults conducted by Propeller Insights on behalf of Bio Bidet in February of 2022, Americans are clueless about bidets. But they’re definitely curious. Only 12% of American adults say they know a lot about bidets. An overwhelming majority (82%) have never owned a bidet, and more than two-thirds (71%) have never even used one. More than a third of Americans (37%) don’t know what a bidet looks like.

Despite this lack of familiarity, Americans are clearly interested in bidets:

  • 60% would rather buy a bidet than an NFT
  • 45% have done some research recently to see different bidet options
  • 44% said bidets are a sleek and luxurious addition to a bathroom
  • Many would like to see more bidets in hotels (43%), restaurants (19%) and highway rest stops (13%)
  • 41% would like to see bidets in more public bathrooms — 60% currently avoid using public bathrooms to poop


Bidets are too expensive.

An excellent quality bidet seat will cost anywhere from $200 - $1000. A bidet toilet can run up to $6000 depending on the added features.  If you think of it only as a toilet seat, it’s difficult to wrap your head around spending that kind of money on a product that isn’t essential in everyday life. However, when you begin to consider the fact that bidet seats are appliances that will be used every day, multiple times a day, often by multiple people in your house, the cost begins to make sense. After all, how much do you spend on a washer and dryer that you only use once or twice a week?

If the cost of a bidet toilet seat is still preventing you from buying one, consider this: using a bidet seat will drastically reduce your toilet paper usage by about 80% (conservatively). How much does your household spend each year on toilet paper? After a few years, your bidet seat will pay for itself. AND, you never have to have battles about replacing the roll.

Who said wiping with dry paper is an effective way to clean up after toilet use, anyway? Each American uses about 40 rolls of toilet paper every year, and the average household uses 150 rolls per year. Although you can still use toilet paper to pat dry, using a bidet can reduce the amount you use by about 75% on average.

I’m not a plumber – I can’t install one of these.

A bidet seat replaces your existing toilet seat, attaching to the bowl. It draws water from the toilet’s supply line and electricity from a nearby outlet. With the press of a button on a remote, a wand extends beneath you and directs a stream of water powered by an electric pump to clean you up.

In fact, installing a bidet toilet seat is quite easy and is not permanent. You don’t need a contractor to plan out the bidet seat installation process because it simply fits on top of your toilet bowl. It doesn’t require any floor space in your bathroom like traditional fixture type bidets.

So, what have we learned today?

Bidets don’t have to be expensive.

You don’t have to be fancy to own one or use one (but it can make you feel fancy!)

You can own one in Paris, Texas or Paris, France.

You don’t have to be an expert plumber to install one.

Bidets are for everyone.

Waterhouse knows this.

We want you to know this too.

Mother's Day is Sunday but we still have time to talk about some other cool things this week...

Posted on May 04, 2022

This week, or more specifically, this Sunday is dedicated to all of the moms.

But, that's four days away so the Waterhouse team has a bit of time to point out some other super-cool things that we have going on here at the showroom.

So, onto the newness and the amazingness that is Frank Lloyd Wright.

Frank Lloyd Wright saw the world differently. And inspired us to do the same. Now in the Frank Lloyd Wright Bath Collection by Brizo®, we pay homage to his visionary spirit.

This collection of bathroom fixtures dares to challenge and upend convention—and in doing so, honors Wright’s legacy.

Inspired by everything that Frank Lloyd Wright created, this stunning collection honors his philosophy of organic architecture by staying true to six key principles:

1.  Belonging

This collection belongs harmoniously within the bath space, honoring Wright's philosophy that buildings should be of the landscape -- not imposed upon it.

2.  Simplicity

The clean lines and restful compositions of this collection follow Wright's belief that the true value of a design is judged by its simplicity and repose.

3. Individuality

In keeping with Wright's emphasis on personalized design, this collection offers a variety of configurations and finishes to tailor the aesthetic to your individual tastes.

4.  Palette

The natural woods and elemental metals in this Brizo collection channel Frank Lloyd Wright's own palette:  colors derived from the field and the woods.


 5. Substance

Frank Lloyd Wright freely expressed the true nature of materials.  This collection does the same, highlighting carefully selected finishes and accents.

6.  Integrity

The sincere, true, gracious and loving spirit of Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture permeates every detail from the cantilevered spout to the innovative water flow.

Style. Substance.  Individuality. Belonging. Simplicity.  Integrity.

All words to describe this collection.

All words that can also be used to describe Waterhouse itself.

Want to learn more about the unique pieces that we can procure for you?

The door is open for you.


More things that real moms want for Mother's Day...

Posted on May 03, 2022

More things that real moms want for Mother’s Day

We all know about the standard list:  flowers, cards, jewelry, and chocolate.

But Waterhouse is here to let you know that this list -- our secret list-- will make you the apple of mom's eye this Mother's Day.  You'll be the bee's knees.  The Hershey's to her kiss.  The cream in her coffee.

While we're on the subject of coffee...

Things your mom really, REALLY wants for Mother's Day this year:

Coffee that is actually hot

This might seem like a silly request, but if you ask any mom, she will tell you that she hasn’t enjoyed a whole cup of hot coffee in over a decade. Two sips and then it’s off to pack lunches, sign permission slips, drive carpool – you get the drift. Let mom drink the entire cup. Even better?  Let her enjoy her morning coffee in one of these...


Real gift cards to real places.

Homemade coupons for things like hugs, back scratches, and massages, are adorable, but think how happy your mom will be with a gift card to a facility where she can get a proper massage by a person that dedicated months of their life to learning how to give one. Moms everywhere implore you to please consider a gift card to a place where they can go and relax.

A LITTLE HINT:  Waterhouse has gift certificates and we’ve been in the business of relaxing moms (and dads) for 40 years. We’ll be happy to help you with this one.


To Leave the House and Not Come Back Until It's Dark Out

This one could go two ways…

Leave mom along and YOU leave the house or let mom leave the house and don’t tag-a-long with her.

Fend for yourselves. Figure out what that smell in the fridge is on your own. Solve the battle over the TV amongst yourselves. Either way, let mom binge-watch Ozark, power nap, or take a luxurious bubble bath with no one peeking under the door or sitting on the toilet watching her.

 Something From an Actual Store

Some moms do cartwheels over macaroni necklaces, homemade cards, and construction paper tulips. Other moms don’t.

If you’re going to make a card, maybe you could try some honesty?   

"I know I talk back, play Fortnight all day, and ignore you, but you are really skinny and an amazing cook." Or say, "You're prettier and cooler than all of the other moms." That might do the trick!


Children yelling, TVs blaring, video games at full volume get to be a bit much – even for the most patient moms.

Take it outside. Let mom take an hour-long shower. Give her some peace and quiet. You can go back to being loud tomorrow.

 Do Your Homework on your own today

Moms are brilliant – we all know this. But don’t make her do third-grade math or work on a science project about DNA on her special day. Figure this out on your own today. She’ll go back to free tutoring on Monday.

Make a Reservation

Even breakfast in bed means that mom probably has to make a trip to the grocery store to buy bread, eggs, bacon, and fruit. Let’s shoot for at least one meal on Mother’s Day that takes place outside of the house (and we don’t mean the backyard.)

Moms love to be pampered. They love feeling elegant.

Don't Tell Her That You Can't Find Something

Moms know everything but they don’t need to lead a scavenger hunt on Mother’s Day. Find your own keys, wallet, phone, shoes, scooter, game controller, and Air Pods.

That will free up mom to find her Zen in here…

 Pick Up Your Stuff

 The laundry hamper is over there. Use it. The trash can is community property – anyone can use it. Coats go on the hooks, backpacks go in your rooms, scooters and bikes go in the garage. Don’t make mom lift a finger today unless it’s to adjust the water temperature in this…

You can always add some bubble bath, sugar scrub or bath bombs too but, really, any of these would make (almost) any mom proud!

Happy (almost) Mother's Day from the Waterhouse team!


What does your mom REALLY want for Mother's Day?

Posted on April 29, 2022

So, what does your mom REALLY want for Mother’s Day?

Here’s the official breakdown:

23% of moms want a handmade gift or flowers (or both!)

22% would appreciate a spa day

19% need some new bling

18% are dying for some chocolate       

18% want the day ALL TO THEMSELVES. Go figure!

Time alone.

Among mothers of young children, this was by far the most requested Mother’s Day gift! This could run the gamut of time alone at home while Dad takes the kids to the park or the zoo…all the way to a night alone at a charming hotel where Mom can take a bubble bath, order room service, watch whatever she wants on TV, and sleep the entire night without interruption.

Waterhouse is completely on board with this one. Even if it’s a day or night along in a little number like this…

Time with her kids.

Ironically, after reading the above suggestion, the most desired “gift” mothers of older children wanted was time with their kids. Invite her to do whatever you and your mom like to do:  hike, play a board game, grab brunch, sit outside, sit inside…doesn’t matter…as long as it’s time together.

And after that? How about a nice soak in one of these…?

Handwritten note/card.

Specifically, a letter/note/list of all the things she did right, memories from your childhood, events that made a positive impact on your life.

And how nice would a handwritten note look attached to this?

A clean house.

Whether it’s the family that all pitches in, or you hire a professional service…you can’t go wrong with the gift of clean.

And that will give Mom some time to hang out in here…

A spa day/service.

Specifically, a massage and/or a manicure & pedicure. Facials are good too.

But she may not need to leave the house if you design something like this…

No arguing/refereeing for a day.

Ideally the kids will call a truce for the entire day, but if they don’t, then DAD is the on-duty referee.

And while Dad is holding down the fort, Mom can hide in here…

Sleep in AND a nap.

Either one would be a good gift, both put it in the STELLAR category!

And she can wake up with a shower like this and, right before bed, she can enjoy some bubbles and bubbly in this tub…


Waterhouse can help you design a once-in-a-lifetime gift for your mom. Modern, traditional, eclectic, athletic – we cover all the bases.


Kitchen faucets that work like magic. POOF! It's on!

Posted on April 26, 2022

Do you like conserving water?  Yes!

Do you need your kitchen to be as germ-free as possible?  Yes!

Do you want your kitchen fixtures to be easy to use?  Yes!

Should your kitchen faucet be functional AND beautiful?  Yes!

Waterhouse thinks so too!

A simple upgrade to a motion activated, voice activated, and touchless faucet will give you a cleaner, more hygienic kitchen while making your day-to-day cooking and cleaning easy, fun, and MAGICAL!

KOHLER Artifacts kitchen faucet



Simple to use



A simple wave of the hand or kitchen utensil turns the faucet on or off.

KOHLER Crue kitchen faucet



Accurate and dependable



The sensor in this Kohler faucet is powered by Response® technology and is located under the arch of the spout to minimize false activations and keep the faucet cleaner.

KOHLER Graze kitchen faucet



Clean and efficient



A touchless faucet minimizes cross-contamination by ensuring germs are not passed on to the next person using the faucet. The two-function spray head makes it easy for customers to switch from the default stream spray to the wide and powerful sweep spray to make clean-up easy.

KOHLER Sensate kitchen faucet



Easy installation



Touchless faucets are ready to install out of the box like any other Kohler faucet. The only extra step is plugging the faucet into an outlet. There are no batteries to worry about, and a manual override allows customers to use the faucet if the power goes out.

KOHLER Simplice kitchen faucet



Voice-activated faucets 



This smart kitchen faucet features KOHLER Konnect technology and can be activated either by voice command or motion sensor. Konnect technology allows you to turn the faucet on and off with your voice, pour specific amounts of water, and more. The hand-washing command follows current CDC guidelines. Smart faucets pair with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit.

Waterhouse has more working kitchen faucets than any showroom in the region.

Come splash.  Come play.  Come see how a touchless kitchen faucet can be a complete game changer in your home.



Every bathroom can be Instagrammable. Not just the ones on TV.

Posted on April 26, 2022

The latest unforgettable baths are pushing the envelope on color, pattern, materials, and finishes. 

The Waterhouse team is on top of all of this for you. Come check out everything new, everything classic, everything that pushes the envelope, and everything that stands the test of time.

 The Trend: Anything-but-white bathtubs

Tubs made from organic materials are on the horizon. Stone, concrete and even teak are the epitome of luxury. Check out this Avalon 72” freestanding bathtub.

Designer: Josh Greene Design

Photography: Genevieve Garrupo

 The Trend: Colorful, whimsical faucets, fixtures, and hardware

Fixtures are having a little renaissance and going less serious and a more whimsical—with brighter, unexpected colors. Jaclo is a trendsetter in this arena with fourteen colors to choose from.


The Trend: Natural stone, everywhere

Natural stone is being celebrated more in bathroom designs, especially in a scenario where one stone is selected for multiple applications in the same area, like on both the floor and walls. Check out this Native Trails Avalon 62” freestanding bathtub.

Designer: BPC Architecture + Interior Design

The Trend: Stylish visible storage solutions

We’re noticing more towers and visible storage, which can be great for displaying towels and good-looking necessities like makeup brushes, nice-looking bottles, and perfumes.

Designer: Eva Kosmas Flores, Adventures in Cooking

Product: Native Trails Trough 3619

 The Trend: IG-worthy palettes

The all-white bathroom is going away. Interesting, unique, and quirky design elements are taking over for bathrooms, and the hype from this is coming from everyone’s love of “Instagrammable” spaces. Expect to see a lot of eye-catching wallpapers, paint, tile, and light fixtures in 2022.

Designer: Pamela Day Designs

Photography:Tony Soluri
Products: Native Trails Cuzco Vanity in Brushed Nickel with Classic in Polished Nickel

 The Trend: Chunky countertops

People like seeing more of the slab, instead of having a fake drawer that hides the plumbing roughs for the sink.

Designer: Almas Shewa, Makkan Design

Product: Vintner's Floating Vanity in Chardonnay with Trough 3619 in Ash

The Waterhouse team is so excited to share all of this with you.

Whether you're a trendsetter or a little more mainstream, we have options for every bathroom, every home, every price point, and every sensibility.




It's not weird to talk about bidets. We promise.

Posted on April 26, 2022

We know that it might be embarrassing to ask questions about toilets. Or bidets.

We’re in the plumbing business – we’ve heard (and seen) just about everything.

So, we’re going to start tackling the hard questions and making it completely normal to talk about things that might seem weird.  Or taboo. Because we all have this in common.

We’re starting with bidets. Why?  Because they’re cool. 

And Waterhouse likes cool things and we want you to have cool things too.

 What’s a bidet?

Traditionally, a bidet is a bowl separate from the toilet where users clean themselves with a stream of water after going to the bathroom. KOHLER intelligent toilets and bidet toilet seats combine the toilet and bidet functionality into the same fixture for complete personal cleanliness and convenience, saving precious square footage in the bathroom.

Why would I need a bidet?

It doesn't have to be expensive, and it is ridiculously easy to install a bidet seat with the cost quickly being offset by the savings on toilet paper. You see, unsurprisingly, bidet use drastically reduces the need for toilet paper, of which in North America over 36 billion rolls are used each year. Remember when the grocery stores were completely out of toilet paper at the height of Covid?  Bidet owners and users didn’t panic – they just watched another episode of Ozark on Netflix while the rest of us were scrambling for a 12 pack of TP

Bidets (particularly those with heated seats) offer comfort and greater hygiene, as the jets ensure your tush is thoroughly cleaned. Using too much paper, or even just the thicker, fancy kind, can lead to clogged toilets and sometimes clogged septic systems or clogged public sewer systems that require a lot of money be spent to fix them. (This is definitely the case when people use "flushable" wipes for cleaning.)

Older people, among others, often benefit from the bidet as the sprayer reduces or eliminates the need for hand wiping – something that can be difficult for those with arthritis, or who, just due to advanced age, disability, or injury, are less mobile.

Women who suffer from frequent urinary tract infections may benefit from washing with bidets, as opposed to only cleaning the area during the once-a-day shower



We know that you still have questions. 

Here are some answers.

And if you have more?  Come ask the Waterhouse team.  We’ll be happy to help.


Is the bidet clean?

Yes. Many KOHLER intelligent toilets and KOHLER bidet toilet seats feature a stainless-steel cleansing wand with automatic UV-light self-sanitization for a clean experience every time. Other models feature plastic cleansing wands that automatically rinse after each use. Whether it’s stainless steel or plastic, the cleansing wand on every model retracts after use, so customers will not see it in the bowl.

Is the water dirty?

Not at all. The water is diverted from the main water line to the bidet BEFORE it gets to the tank or bowl. The water DOES NOT come from the bowl or the tank. In fact, the water is filtered before going through the bidet on both intelligent toilets and bidet toilet seats, so it’s even cleaner than the water in the tank.

Is the water cold?

The water temperature is fully adjustable on all KOHLER® intelligent toilets and every KOHLER bidet toilet seat except the Puretide® bidet toilet seat, which is operated manually. 

Does the water stream hurt?

Just like the temperature of the water, the pressurized stream on every KOHLER intelligent toilet and bidet toilet seat can be fully adjusted to accommodate the comfort of the customer.

What are some other features?

Every intelligent toilet and bidet toilet seat features bidet functionality for a comfortable clean. Within Kohler’s range of intelligent toilets and bidet toilet seats, customers can find an array of features and conveniences that suit their needs best. Features include hands-free operation, convenient remote control or touch-screen remote operation, warm-air dryer, nightlight, a deodorizer to keep the entire room fresh, a heated seat and more. KOHLER intelligent toilets and bidet toilet seats also feature other practical innovations, such as Quiet-Close™ technology to prevent the seat from slamming, Quick-Release™ hinges for easier cleaning and Grip-Tight bumpers to hold the seat firmly in place.

Will the heated seat burn me?

KOHLER heated seats feature adjustable temperature settings. Whether a customer likes the seat warmer for those winter mornings or closer to room temperature, they can set the perfect temperature for them.

Do I still need to use toilet paper?

That’s a matter of personal preference. KOHLER intelligent toilets and KOHLER bidet toilet seats provide a thorough and comfortable clean as an alternative to toilet paper. Every intelligent toilet and almost every model of bidet seat features a warm-air dryer to complete the process. However, some customers may still want to pat themselves dry with toilet paper.

Is it difficult to use?

KOHLER intelligent toilet and bidet toilet seat controls are designed for convenience and ease of use. Every model features intuitive controls and, in some cases, remote control or touch-screen remote operation. Like any tech-enabled or smart product, there may be a learning curve up front. Once you understand how it works, it’s not complicated at all. Think of a smartphone. It might have seemed complicated at first, but now using it is second nature. In fact, it’s probably hard to imagine life without a smartphone now. Many people have said the same thing about their KOHLER intelligent toilet or bidet toilet seat after trying it for themselves.

Will a KOHLER bidet seat fit my current toilet?

KOHLER bidet seats fit most KOHLER and non-KOHLER toilet models, making for a simple upgrade for most homeowners. Kohler offers bidet toilet seats in both round and elongated models to ensure a good fit, and in either White or Biscuit to complement toilet color.

Is an electrical outlet required?

Yes, all intelligent toilets and most bidet toilet seats require a dedicated electrical GFCI circuit (120 V, 15 A, 60 Hz, 1800 W). However, the Puretide bidet toilet seat is manually operated and does not require electricity or batteries.

Is an electrician required to install it?

Neither an intelligent toilet nor a bidet toilet seat requires an electrician for installation. In fact, KOHLER® bidet toilet seats were designed to install just like a normal toilet seat. The only difference is that it must be attached to the water line and plugged into an outlet. An electrician is required only if there is a need to install a new electrical outlet near the toilet.


That wasn't so bad.

And now you know (almost) everything there is to know about bidet seats.

Need to know more?  Just ask.

Spring is the time for change

Posted on April 23, 2022

Spring is a time for change. For growth.
Waterhouse can’t change without you.
All Kartell by Laufen is now 50% off.
Clearing the space for something new. Something exciting.
A New Classic.

Kartell by Laufen sinks.  50% off list price.  Take one home today!

Kartell by Laufen sink, faucet and vanity.  List $4259.  Now $1999

Kartell by Laufen wall mirror.  List $1477.  Now $725.

A perfect pairing for a modern bathroom.

Kartell by Laufen long rectangle washbasin with shelf left. $460

Kartell by Laufen rectangle shelf right washbasin $413

Kartell by Laufen rectangle washbasin with shelf left $413

Kartell by Laufen round washbasin $342

Kartell by Laufen square washbasin $364

It's finally here! It's EARTH DAY!

Posted on April 18, 2022




We’ve been waiting for this day ALL YEAR LONG!!!



Every day should be Earth Day. Not just one day.

But we guess that one day is a good start.

So why isn’t everyday Earth Day?

Here are just a few of the buts…

But it’s too hard to be green…

But it’s too expensive to buy local…

But I’m too busy to volunteer…

But I’m just one person – any change I made won’t make any difference…

Enough with the buts. Waterhouse is here to de-bunk some common myths about Living, working, and being green.

  1. It’s impossible to avoid disposable plastic.

Plastic is affordable. It’s convenient.  But alternatives are becoming easier to find. You can try eco-friendly options like stainless steel, bamboo, and hemp. Reusable water bottles. Reusable dinnerware and silverware. If you want to make it happen, you will.

  1. The only way to be truly green is to drive a green car.

Totally untrue. The greenest alternative may be to continue driving your current vehicle (as long as it’s in good repair), taking public transportation, cycling to work, carpooling or just plain walking.

  1. You can’t do anything by just sitting at home.

Totally false. You can conserve water by taking a shorter shower or by turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth. You can conserve energy by turning off lights and appliances that you aren’t using. Use long-lasting LED lightbulbs.

You can also pay your bills online (Go paperless!), re-use scrap paper, and recycle.

  1. Living green is too expensive.

High quality green products are designed to last longer and cause no harm to the environment. Costs may be higher on the front end but high quality last longer which means that you won’t be replacing items so often. That’s good for your budget AND for the environment.

You can also shop locally or secondhand. Easier on the pocketbook and on the environment.

  1. But I recycle…. isn’t that enough?

Recycling is important but it’s not the only aspect of green living. Living a greener life encompasses so much more. Less consumption. Thoughtful purchasing. Everything we eat, use, or buy has an impact on the environment. We must choose wisely.


  1. One person can’t make a difference.

One person has far more power than we realize to affect change. It we all believe that our own actions won’t impact the health of our planet, the damage can and will be unimaginable. Every person’s actions and decisions matter and they add up to create a huge effect.

Easy ways to conserve H2O on Earth Day and Everyday

Posted on April 18, 2022

Easy ways to conserve water on EARTH DAY and EVERYDAY

Earth Day is April 22. A day to celebrate community, to advocate for change, and to volunteer for the good of the environment.

Let’s start simple. Easy. Free. Waterhouse has tips GALORE to help you out with this.

Here are just five ways you can start saving water on Earth Day—and every day:

1. Turn off the sink while you brush your teeth to save water. Same goes for handwashing. While scrubbing suds for 20 seconds, turn off your faucet until you are ready to rinse your hands clean. And shaving. Turn the water off until it’s time to rinse your razor.

2. Quick kitchen fixes:

Consider one pot meals. Fewer utensils and mixing bowls mean less clean-up for you and less water waste.

When cooking, peel and clean vegetables in a large bowl of water instead of under running water.

Scrap the rinse and scrape instead. When cleaning up after meals, scrape food scraps into the trash (or compost!) before loading the dishwasher. Washing and rinsing dishes in the sink uses more water than the dishwasher, but only run the washer when it’s full.

3. Lose the hose, reuse those drops. If you don’t drink all the water in your glass, use it to water houseplants or flowers in the garden. Leftover ice cubes can go right into small plant pots; as they slowly melt, they will give the roots just the water they need

4.  Run full loads of laundry.

5. Don’t use the toilet for trash. Used paper towels and tissues belong in the garbage. When you use the toilet as a trash can, you waste anywhere from one gallon of water to three gallons or more.


Happy (almost) Earth Day from Waterhouse.

Our Waterhouse is green...

Is yours?

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