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It's not weird to talk about bidets. We promise.

Posted by Amy Siders on April 26, 2022 0 Comments

We know that it might be embarrassing to ask questions about toilets. Or bidets.

We’re in the plumbing business – we’ve heard (and seen) just about everything.

So, we’re going to start tackling the hard questions and making it completely normal to talk about things that might seem weird.  Or taboo. Because we all have this in common.

We’re starting with bidets. Why?  Because they’re cool. 

And Waterhouse likes cool things and we want you to have cool things too.

 What’s a bidet?

Traditionally, a bidet is a bowl separate from the toilet where users clean themselves with a stream of water after going to the bathroom. KOHLER intelligent toilets and bidet toilet seats combine the toilet and bidet functionality into the same fixture for complete personal cleanliness and convenience, saving precious square footage in the bathroom.

Why would I need a bidet?

It doesn't have to be expensive, and it is ridiculously easy to install a bidet seat with the cost quickly being offset by the savings on toilet paper. You see, unsurprisingly, bidet use drastically reduces the need for toilet paper, of which in North America over 36 billion rolls are used each year. Remember when the grocery stores were completely out of toilet paper at the height of Covid?  Bidet owners and users didn’t panic – they just watched another episode of Ozark on Netflix while the rest of us were scrambling for a 12 pack of TP

Bidets (particularly those with heated seats) offer comfort and greater hygiene, as the jets ensure your tush is thoroughly cleaned. Using too much paper, or even just the thicker, fancy kind, can lead to clogged toilets and sometimes clogged septic systems or clogged public sewer systems that require a lot of money be spent to fix them. (This is definitely the case when people use "flushable" wipes for cleaning.)

Older people, among others, often benefit from the bidet as the sprayer reduces or eliminates the need for hand wiping – something that can be difficult for those with arthritis, or who, just due to advanced age, disability, or injury, are less mobile.

Women who suffer from frequent urinary tract infections may benefit from washing with bidets, as opposed to only cleaning the area during the once-a-day shower



We know that you still have questions. 

Here are some answers.

And if you have more?  Come ask the Waterhouse team.  We’ll be happy to help.


Is the bidet clean?

Yes. Many KOHLER intelligent toilets and KOHLER bidet toilet seats feature a stainless-steel cleansing wand with automatic UV-light self-sanitization for a clean experience every time. Other models feature plastic cleansing wands that automatically rinse after each use. Whether it’s stainless steel or plastic, the cleansing wand on every model retracts after use, so customers will not see it in the bowl.

Is the water dirty?

Not at all. The water is diverted from the main water line to the bidet BEFORE it gets to the tank or bowl. The water DOES NOT come from the bowl or the tank. In fact, the water is filtered before going through the bidet on both intelligent toilets and bidet toilet seats, so it’s even cleaner than the water in the tank.

Is the water cold?

The water temperature is fully adjustable on all KOHLER® intelligent toilets and every KOHLER bidet toilet seat except the Puretide® bidet toilet seat, which is operated manually. 

Does the water stream hurt?

Just like the temperature of the water, the pressurized stream on every KOHLER intelligent toilet and bidet toilet seat can be fully adjusted to accommodate the comfort of the customer.

What are some other features?

Every intelligent toilet and bidet toilet seat features bidet functionality for a comfortable clean. Within Kohler’s range of intelligent toilets and bidet toilet seats, customers can find an array of features and conveniences that suit their needs best. Features include hands-free operation, convenient remote control or touch-screen remote operation, warm-air dryer, nightlight, a deodorizer to keep the entire room fresh, a heated seat and more. KOHLER intelligent toilets and bidet toilet seats also feature other practical innovations, such as Quiet-Close™ technology to prevent the seat from slamming, Quick-Release™ hinges for easier cleaning and Grip-Tight bumpers to hold the seat firmly in place.

Will the heated seat burn me?

KOHLER heated seats feature adjustable temperature settings. Whether a customer likes the seat warmer for those winter mornings or closer to room temperature, they can set the perfect temperature for them.

Do I still need to use toilet paper?

That’s a matter of personal preference. KOHLER intelligent toilets and KOHLER bidet toilet seats provide a thorough and comfortable clean as an alternative to toilet paper. Every intelligent toilet and almost every model of bidet seat features a warm-air dryer to complete the process. However, some customers may still want to pat themselves dry with toilet paper.

Is it difficult to use?

KOHLER intelligent toilet and bidet toilet seat controls are designed for convenience and ease of use. Every model features intuitive controls and, in some cases, remote control or touch-screen remote operation. Like any tech-enabled or smart product, there may be a learning curve up front. Once you understand how it works, it’s not complicated at all. Think of a smartphone. It might have seemed complicated at first, but now using it is second nature. In fact, it’s probably hard to imagine life without a smartphone now. Many people have said the same thing about their KOHLER intelligent toilet or bidet toilet seat after trying it for themselves.

Will a KOHLER bidet seat fit my current toilet?

KOHLER bidet seats fit most KOHLER and non-KOHLER toilet models, making for a simple upgrade for most homeowners. Kohler offers bidet toilet seats in both round and elongated models to ensure a good fit, and in either White or Biscuit to complement toilet color.

Is an electrical outlet required?

Yes, all intelligent toilets and most bidet toilet seats require a dedicated electrical GFCI circuit (120 V, 15 A, 60 Hz, 1800 W). However, the Puretide bidet toilet seat is manually operated and does not require electricity or batteries.

Is an electrician required to install it?

Neither an intelligent toilet nor a bidet toilet seat requires an electrician for installation. In fact, KOHLER® bidet toilet seats were designed to install just like a normal toilet seat. The only difference is that it must be attached to the water line and plugged into an outlet. An electrician is required only if there is a need to install a new electrical outlet near the toilet.


That wasn't so bad.

And now you know (almost) everything there is to know about bidet seats.

Need to know more?  Just ask.

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