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Rose petals are hard to clean up...(and other issues we have with Valentine's Day)

Posted by Amy Siders on February 11, 2022 0 Comments

It's almost Valentine's Day and the Waterhouse team is feeling a bit jittery from all of the Conversation Hearts that we have been eating this week...

We're going to blame the rush of pure sugar but it's led us to think about some time honored Valentine's traditions that may not be so relevant anymore. No holiday is perfect, but this one seems to have it's share of issues...

1. Strictly commercial

The ultimate made-up holiday.  Waterhouse is even in the retail business and we struggle with the forced romance in the middle of February.  We get it -- it's cold and dreary outside and we're smack dab in the middle of the pomp and circumstance of Christmas and the glorious warmth of summer so we need something -- anything.  But, does that "anything" have to involve so much pink?

2. Crowds.

They're everywhere.  Restaurants, florists, greeting card stores.  If you haven't made a reservation yet or made arrangements for those flowers to be delivered already, you're going to have a really hard weekend.  And you may have to make your own card.

3.  Flowers Die.

Speaking of those flowers -- they die. Don't get us wrong, Waterhouse LOVES a great bouquet and we'll happily accept one.  Doesn't even have to be on Valentine's Day!

On the bright side, if you buy those roses early enough, you'll be able to sprinkle them in the bathtub for a beautifully scented, gorgeously tinted, fantastically thoughtful Valentine's Day soak. Which brings us to this...

4. Rose petals clog your drain.

An entirely swoon-worthy gift that can lead to a big plumbing bill? That doesn't happen on other holidays, does it?

We can help with this one.  Sprinkle as many petals as you want.  You can let them dry and vacuum them off the floor and off the bed.  All it takes is a kitchen colander to skim those petals off the surface of the Valentine bath water. Problem solved!

5.  Candy hearts are kind of gross.

Doesn't stop us from eating them, though.  We're quite partial to the SOUL MATE and SWEET PEA ones. We've even hung HUGE ones in the Waterhouse entry way.

6.  It's depressing for single people.

Valentine's Day is, by nature, designed for couples.  Tea for two.  Dinner for two.  Two halves of a broken heart.  A positive takeaway?  Single people can still eat out.  Single people can still eat candy.  Single people can still take a bubble bath.  You don't need to be part of a pair to do everything that couples do on Valentine's Day. ; )

7. It's a LOT of pressure.

Diamond rings in tiramisu?  Picking the card with the perfect sentiment -- is it too serious?  Too flippant?  Not serious enough? Did you get the right color of roses?  Yellow is for friends, red for true love, pink for affection, white for animosity...

Wait...we don't think that last one is right.

8.  Grown ups shouldn't give other grown ups stuffed animals.

I don't think we need to explain this one.  Grown ups buy each other grown up gifts like wine, bourbon, lingerie, favorite candies, scented candles and maybe even an amazingly beautiful clawfoot bathtub.

Hey -- did you see see how we put that in right there?

9.  Candy box assortments are never fair.

There's never enough caramel, always too many with weird fruity gel.  The person that hates coconut ALWAYS gets the coconut one.  And, towards the end of February, anything that is left has a bite taken out of it.

10.  Cupid is weird.

A small, mostly naked boy that chases you around in the air trying to shoot you with an arrow?  Kind of hard to get behind him as a positive holiday mascot.

Do you know what will always work as a perfect Valentine's Day gift?

Spending time with the one that you love.

It doesn't matter whether your tub isn't big enough for two or if you can't afford a candlelight dinner out.  

Celebrate however you want to.  No rules, no preconceived notions.

Waterhouse is open on the 14th.  We'd love to spend the day with you.




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