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Your ceilings should never be naked...

Posted by Amy Siders on April 14, 2022 0 Comments

Are you sitting down?

Ok.  Look up.  Do you see anything?

We didn't think so.

You are suffering from naked ceiling syndrome.

Waterhouse is here to help.

2022 is an amazing year for lighting.

Six emerging trends to outfit your ceilings with runway-ready, lighting couture.

BOHO TREND -- The BOHO vibe is back but with a vintage modern twist and curved lines.  A perfect example is the Balboa chandelier from Troy Lighting.

TUXEDO KITCHEN LIGHTING -- White kitchens have been #1 for years but we're seeing a return to black kitchen cabinets, range hoods, counters, and island accents.  Color in your kitchen can be edgy, chic, and surprisingly easy to keep clean for families with children.  Tuxedo kitchens are traditionally a mix of black and white but can be modernized to light and dark gray, white and navy, and almost everything in between.

A Tuxedo Kitchen would be complete with a trio of the Blair pendant from MITZI LIGHTING over the island.

MIXED METALS -- Mixing metals is always a timeless and tasteful way to create balance and definition in a room.  Silver and pewter mix well with bronze and black brown metals.

Try the modern and sleek  APOGEE chandelier from TROY LIGHTING.

SOFT SHINE -- If glass globes with exposed bulbs aren't for you, make the shift to fixtures that diffuse light through a lampshade or opaque glass that gives your room a mellow, comforting glow.

The ASHLEIGH chandelier from MITZI LIGHTING shines softly in any room.

BOLD BLACK -- 2022 is screaming out for bold, dark, sultry designs that evoke a high-end experience for anyone that enters the room.

The ELLIOT chandelier from TROY LIGHTING couldn't be bolder.


It sounds like we made this one up but we promise you it's a real trend. Earth tones, layered textures, warm elements and colors from nature bring an easy and welcoming feel to any space.

The Audiophile chandelier from Troy Lighting with a combination of metal, glass and exposed Edison bulbs would be perfect in a kitchen or over a rustic dining room table.  Don't stop there -- this Audiophile style is available in smaller versions including wall sconces so the theme can carry throughout your home.

You may have thought that water and electricity don't mix, but Waterhouse is here to let you know that we should be your first stop for lighting.

We're not just for the bathroom anymore.

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