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You want me to put a toilet in my garden???

Posted by Amy Siders on May 27, 2022 0 Comments

Toilets in the garden? Bathtubs on the back porch?

 You’ve just purchased your new sink, toilet, and bathtub from Waterhouse (thank you, by the way – we loved working with you!) and you’re trying to figure out what to do with your old bathroom fixtures. True, your contractor or installer can probably haul them away for you, but what if you want some other ideas?

The Waterhouse team scoured the internet for the best and brightest ways to recycle and reuse all of them.

Look at what we found…

Container Garden

A used toilet makes an excellent container garden (as does a sink or a bathtub) if you're not squeamish about displaying it in your yard. Grow plants in the bowl and in the tank, after taking off the tank's lid. Sinks of all kinds and bathtubs can keep the repurposed theme going in a very whimsical garden.


Bird Bath

Create a Birdbath from a Salvaged Sink

Design a unique birdbath out of a vintage, wall-mount sink, or any sink, for that matter. This fun DIY project will add charm to your yard and create a fun hangout for your feathered friends.

Garden Chair

Use the toilet as a garden chair, placing a waterproof cushion on it to create a softer seat. If you have more than one used toilet, use them to create a seating area where people can sit and chat. Attach an umbrella to each toilet to accentuate the playful look. OR, like we’ve done in the Waterhouse showroom, why not turn an old clawfoot tub into a sofa? 

Drinking Bowl

Ordinarily, you don’t encourage your pets to drink out of the toilet, but a used toilet can make a useful water bowl. Fill the toilet with water and leave it outside so your dog has a source of water while in the yard.

Art Piece

Unleash your creative side and turn your used toilet into a piece of art. Paint the toilet any way you like, and add embellishments to create a piece of conceptual art if you like. Waterhouse does this.  Remember World Toilet Day 2021?  We're gearing up for the second go-around on November 19, 2022 -- stay tuned for more information!

Material for Mosaics

Crushing up a used porcelain toilet or sink will provide material for mosaics.

Save yourself a trip to the big box home store

Crush up your old fixtures and put into concrete for driveways and garden paths or use the porcelain instead of mulch in your planting beds.

Create an outdoor potting station

Who says you need a plumber to make an outdoor sink functional? Here, a recycled sink fits nicely in this wooden island and is useful for prepping veggies picked fresh from the garden on their way to your table or for creating the most beautiful floral arrangements. Use your hose or rain barrel to fill the sink as you need water.


Fun for the under-10 set

Kids love playing with water, and water toys and tables are a perfect way to spend a warm afternoon. If you have the skills, build your own with your old kitchen sink. A simple table frame is painted a pretty blue and has a shelf for toy storage, making water play as stylish and functional as it is fun.

Pretty Party Cooler

Are you hosting a backyard party soon? It’s hard to keep bottles and cans cold during the summer, so maybe you would like to recreate the look below. Make use of your old bathtub and fill it with ice. Then add the drinks inside. They will stay cold all night long!


If you’re not feeling very “Pinterest-y,” you can always:

Donate to Habitat for Humanity

If you have a vintage toilet, you check with local architectural salvage company – if your piece is in good condition, it could be useful to someone else!

There.  We did it.  We filled up two weekends of your time with fun outdoor projects, made you feel so green and crafty, and kept all of your old fixtures out of a dumpster.

We'd love to see what you come up with.

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