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Yes Day

Posted by Amy Siders on March 23, 2022 0 Comments

Have you ever heard of YES DAY?
It's a real thing.

In this Amy Krouse Rosenthal picture book, for just one day each year, this lucky kid only hears "YES!" all day.
Can we have ice cream for breakfast? Yes.
Can we have a food fight? Yes.
Can I eat outside? Yes.
Can I pick the cereal at the grocery store? Yes.

As a parent, especially, I find myself saying no a lot. More than I would like. Time constraints, budget limitations, safety concerns -- all reasons to say no.

But what if there were guidelines and rules? Parameters to follow?
Can I draw on the walls? Yes -- but only if I put up Contact paper first.
Can I dye my hair pink? Yes -- but with temporary color.

Can we get tattoos?  Yes -- but only temporary ones.

Make it easier to say yes without diluting the meaning.

It feels so good to get to say yes.
So, what if we were able to extend YES DAY beyond our kids.
Would it work the same magic for all of our relationships?
With your spouse? With your best friend?
And what could it do for your teammates, your co-workers and your employees?

Can we plan a luncheon to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day? Turn a "No, we're too busy during the work day to do something like that" into a "Yes -- but let's do two lunches, one from 11-12 and another from 12-1 so we can cover the front counter."
Can we increase the marketing budget to allow us to have professional photos taken of the exterior of the building? YES DAY turns the "No, we'll just have to figure out how to do that with our phones" into a "Yes, as long as we do some research and ask for referrals to find the right photographer."

At Waterhouse, I am lucky enough to work for a company that says YES a lot. Even when I want to paint a giant mural on the side of our building. The owners might not exactly understand what it means or why I'm doing it but they give me the opportunity and tools to make it happen. And when I want to have artists paint toilets that I can auction off. And when I want to increase a marketing budget to cover quarterly events in the showroom. And when I want to hold an employee appreciation axe throwing night.

YES DAY is a real thing. A good thing.
You should try it. 

And if you can't do it on your own or if you can't find somewhere to work that offers you this opportunity?  Check out Waterhouse bath & kitchen studio and Maumee Supply for job and career postings.  We'd love the opportunity to tell you YES. #YesDay #waterhousebks #maumeesupply

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