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What does your mom REALLY want for Mother's Day?

Posted by Amy Siders on April 29, 2022 0 Comments

So, what does your mom REALLY want for Mother’s Day?

Here’s the official breakdown:

23% of moms want a handmade gift or flowers (or both!)

22% would appreciate a spa day

19% need some new bling

18% are dying for some chocolate       

18% want the day ALL TO THEMSELVES. Go figure!

Time alone.

Among mothers of young children, this was by far the most requested Mother’s Day gift! This could run the gamut of time alone at home while Dad takes the kids to the park or the zoo…all the way to a night alone at a charming hotel where Mom can take a bubble bath, order room service, watch whatever she wants on TV, and sleep the entire night without interruption.

Waterhouse is completely on board with this one. Even if it’s a day or night along in a little number like this…

Time with her kids.

Ironically, after reading the above suggestion, the most desired “gift” mothers of older children wanted was time with their kids. Invite her to do whatever you and your mom like to do:  hike, play a board game, grab brunch, sit outside, sit inside…doesn’t matter…as long as it’s time together.

And after that? How about a nice soak in one of these…?

Handwritten note/card.

Specifically, a letter/note/list of all the things she did right, memories from your childhood, events that made a positive impact on your life.

And how nice would a handwritten note look attached to this?

A clean house.

Whether it’s the family that all pitches in, or you hire a professional service…you can’t go wrong with the gift of clean.

And that will give Mom some time to hang out in here…

A spa day/service.

Specifically, a massage and/or a manicure & pedicure. Facials are good too.

But she may not need to leave the house if you design something like this…

No arguing/refereeing for a day.

Ideally the kids will call a truce for the entire day, but if they don’t, then DAD is the on-duty referee.

And while Dad is holding down the fort, Mom can hide in here…

Sleep in AND a nap.

Either one would be a good gift, both put it in the STELLAR category!

And she can wake up with a shower like this and, right before bed, she can enjoy some bubbles and bubbly in this tub…


Waterhouse can help you design a once-in-a-lifetime gift for your mom. Modern, traditional, eclectic, athletic – we cover all the bases.


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