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The Waterhouse Team was hesitant about traveling to REDEND POINT but we really enjoyed the trip!

Posted by Amy Siders on September 29, 2022 0 Comments

Plenty of paint companies and design tastemakers have already made their picks for Color of the Year 2023, and the latest announcement is from our "paint partner in crime" -- Sherwin-Williams. Check out the SW Color of the Year 2023 selection, Redend Point.

What's your first reaction? The Waterhouse Team was hesitant at first, but just WAIT until you see this color in real spaces.


Sherwin Williams' Redend Point SW 9081 does have some autumnal energy, but this nuanced shade also has plenty going for it as a year-round hue. A grounded blush-beige that blends the energies of playful pinks and steadying earth tones, the Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year 2023 is a warm neutral that can work equally well in a creativity-inspiring office and a soothing spa-like owner's retreat (like this one!)

The Waterhouse team has found that our homeowners are opting for warmer whites, beiges, pinks, and browns. Sherwin Williams' Redend Point SW 9081 is an earthy color, and its subtle pink undertones exude a feeling of warmth and exploration—something people want to feel in their homes. It also leans into trends we're seeing around empathy and care culture. While self-care is incredibly important, care is also about looking out for each other and our communities.

Is that a PINK bathroom?
I can't use PINK in my house.  That's a "girlie" color.
Sort of.
But not really.
A little more colorful than most neutrals but more muted than many brighter tones (and most pinks), Redend Point is the perfect shade for adding a splash of personality to any room. It has no boundaries, crosses all gender lines.
So, this bathroom is Pretty in Pink (sort of.) 
That used to be our favorite movie, now it's becoming our favorite color!
This color is versatile and can easily transform not only bathrooms, but kitchens as well!
Here, SW Redend Point is paired with Brushed Gold cabinet and drawer pulls, a Matte Black kitchen faucet, gleaming white subway tile, countertops, trim, and upper cabinets, not to mention that striking Matte White lighting fixture dangling over the kitchen island!
Waterhouse has never been shy about color but this one has us BLUSHING.
While it may only be the eve of October, Waterhouse is already thinking about the possibilities in store for us in 2023...
We're already totally inspired by Sherwin Williams' 2023 Color of the Year, REDEND POINT.
Those are all words that Waterhouse could use to describe itself, but we would add SURPRISING, UNIQUE, MODERN, ECLECTIC, OPEN-MINDED, and COOL as well.
Here's to an upcoming year of softer spaces and beauty beyond ourselves.

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