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The first brushstrokes went up today!!!

Posted by Amy Siders on June 03, 2022 0 Comments

Water is the driving force of all nature.


 Waterhouse bath & kitchen studio located at 125 E. Indiana Avenue in Perrysburg, Ohio, has been operating as the elegant showroom arm of Maumee Supply since 1976.  Lifelong Perrysburg residents, the Williams family, began their plumbing journey in 1953.

Almost 70 years of living in Perrysburg.

Almost 70 years of working in Perrysburg.

Almost 70 years of providing the residents of Perrysburg and the neighboring communities with the most exceptional products, sold by the most knowledgeable people.

A 70-year legacy that we would like to commemorate in a very big way!


After five months of planning and waiting and waiting some more, we have finally gotten approval from the City of Perrysburg and have begun our 16.5’ x 30’ mural project on the east side of the Waterhouse showroom.

This mural will be a not-so-subtle nod to the importance of water in our everyday lives.  The importance of water to our very survival.  The beauty and the raw power of water and its symbiotic relationship to humanity and nature and even industry in hues of blue and green and gray on our wall. Themes of business and community, of nature and art, will appear in brushstrokes on our wall.

We want this mural to be not an advertisement for Waterhouse – no logos or even our name appear within the borders of the proposed mural – but a stunning addition to the outdoor gallery that the City of Perrysburg has already begun to cultivate with its sculpture garden and other prominent pieces of outdoor art within the city limits. 

We want this to be a project that the entire community can share, finding the beauty in the change to the landscape – a white wall magically transformed into a lasting community treasure.


Our artist, Terry A. Burton, and his team put the first coats of primer on the wall today.  Paint and materials have been generously donated by our local Perrysburg Sherwin Williams showroom.

Projected completion date is June 24, 2022, with a ribbon-cutting (of sorts) to follow. 

We are so eager to watch this process unfold and to share this event with the residents of Perrysburg and art-lovers (and art-appreciators, too!) everywhere.  Onlookers are welcome!

For those that can’t visit our showroom in person, we’ll be sharing daily progress on Facebook and Instagram.

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