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More things that real moms want for Mother's Day...

Posted by Amy Siders on May 03, 2022 0 Comments

More things that real moms want for Mother’s Day

We all know about the standard list:  flowers, cards, jewelry, and chocolate.

But Waterhouse is here to let you know that this list -- our secret list-- will make you the apple of mom's eye this Mother's Day.  You'll be the bee's knees.  The Hershey's to her kiss.  The cream in her coffee.

While we're on the subject of coffee...

Things your mom really, REALLY wants for Mother's Day this year:

Coffee that is actually hot

This might seem like a silly request, but if you ask any mom, she will tell you that she hasn’t enjoyed a whole cup of hot coffee in over a decade. Two sips and then it’s off to pack lunches, sign permission slips, drive carpool – you get the drift. Let mom drink the entire cup. Even better?  Let her enjoy her morning coffee in one of these...


Real gift cards to real places.

Homemade coupons for things like hugs, back scratches, and massages, are adorable, but think how happy your mom will be with a gift card to a facility where she can get a proper massage by a person that dedicated months of their life to learning how to give one. Moms everywhere implore you to please consider a gift card to a place where they can go and relax.

A LITTLE HINT:  Waterhouse has gift certificates and we’ve been in the business of relaxing moms (and dads) for 40 years. We’ll be happy to help you with this one.


To Leave the House and Not Come Back Until It's Dark Out

This one could go two ways…

Leave mom along and YOU leave the house or let mom leave the house and don’t tag-a-long with her.

Fend for yourselves. Figure out what that smell in the fridge is on your own. Solve the battle over the TV amongst yourselves. Either way, let mom binge-watch Ozark, power nap, or take a luxurious bubble bath with no one peeking under the door or sitting on the toilet watching her.

 Something From an Actual Store

Some moms do cartwheels over macaroni necklaces, homemade cards, and construction paper tulips. Other moms don’t.

If you’re going to make a card, maybe you could try some honesty?   

"I know I talk back, play Fortnight all day, and ignore you, but you are really skinny and an amazing cook." Or say, "You're prettier and cooler than all of the other moms." That might do the trick!


Children yelling, TVs blaring, video games at full volume get to be a bit much – even for the most patient moms.

Take it outside. Let mom take an hour-long shower. Give her some peace and quiet. You can go back to being loud tomorrow.

 Do Your Homework on your own today

Moms are brilliant – we all know this. But don’t make her do third-grade math or work on a science project about DNA on her special day. Figure this out on your own today. She’ll go back to free tutoring on Monday.

Make a Reservation

Even breakfast in bed means that mom probably has to make a trip to the grocery store to buy bread, eggs, bacon, and fruit. Let’s shoot for at least one meal on Mother’s Day that takes place outside of the house (and we don’t mean the backyard.)

Moms love to be pampered. They love feeling elegant.

Don't Tell Her That You Can't Find Something

Moms know everything but they don’t need to lead a scavenger hunt on Mother’s Day. Find your own keys, wallet, phone, shoes, scooter, game controller, and Air Pods.

That will free up mom to find her Zen in here…

 Pick Up Your Stuff

 The laundry hamper is over there. Use it. The trash can is community property – anyone can use it. Coats go on the hooks, backpacks go in your rooms, scooters and bikes go in the garage. Don’t make mom lift a finger today unless it’s to adjust the water temperature in this…

You can always add some bubble bath, sugar scrub or bath bombs too but, really, any of these would make (almost) any mom proud!

Happy (almost) Mother's Day from the Waterhouse team!


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