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Mid-century Modern = Grass on the walls + jewelry on the ceiling

Posted by Amy Siders on July 22, 2022 0 Comments


Okay.  So we're not putting REAL grass on the walls and there's not TECHNICALLY any jewelry hanging from the ceiling but we certainly got your attention, didn't we?!

What we're trying to say is that design can be off-the-wall and fun. 



No more cookie cutter bathrooms.  That should be our new Waterhouse motto.

Today's unique style?

Mid-century Modern. 

The 3 pillars are:




Mid-century Modern design principles don't live only in the living room.  You can bring that same feel into every room in your home -- including the powder room!

Mix materials.

Harsh metals often blend with lighter wood—it’s all about blending the traditional with the nontraditional. You can experiment with different fabrics and textiles, mix metals -- you'll be blending tradition with modernism, which is what the style is all about.

Mid-century modern design is all about functionality. In a mid-century modern home, everything is organized, and the lines are clean.

Since the mid-century modern style is all about lines, then shape must play an important part of the process. This sentiment is, in fact, true! Geometric shapes are staples of the mid-century modern design because of their clean linework. 

How do we put this puzzle together at Waterhouse?

Using this small bathroom as inspiration, we came up with these ingredients.  Stir them all together and you'll have the most delicious design!


The KOHLER VEIL Pedestal Lavatory Sink

The KOHLER BRAZN one-piece toilet

The KOHLER ARCHER mirrored medicine cabinet

KOHLER PURIST wall-mount lavatory faucet with cross handles in Vibrant Brushed Modern Brass


KOHLER PURIST Towel Ring in Vibrant Brushed Moderne Brass

KOHLER PURIST Toilet Paper Holder in Vibrant Brushed Moderne Brass

And here's that jewelry on the ceiling that we were talking about earlier...

The WHITESTONE wall sconce from Hudson Valley Lighting Group in Aged Brass.

And now for the grass on the walls...

Grasscloth is a handcrafted piece of interwoven exotic grasses and is a decorating staple of the 1960's and 1970's. different types of grasscloth materials, such as hemp, jute, rushcloth and sisal are very popular wallpaper and exist in a variety of designs and functions. For natural and modern wallcovering, grasscloth adds much desired warmth and texture to your home.

Phillip Jeffries Manila Hemp Kelly Green Wallpaper

Patterned grasscloth wallpaper has not only aesthetic beauty but true functionality as well.  Besides adding texture, grasscloth also absorbs noise and covers any wall imperfections.

Schumacher Ripple Sisal Grass wallpaper

Eco-friendly, renewable, and chic, grasscloth wallpaper is constructed from natural fibers and are usually 100 percent recyclable.

Schumacher Acanthus Stripe Sisal Turmeric Wallpaper


It's a small bathroom.  Go BOLD.  Be BRAVE.  Have FUN.

Let Waterhouse help.

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