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Easy ways to conserve H2O on Earth Day and Everyday

Posted by Amy Siders on April 18, 2022 0 Comments

Easy ways to conserve water on EARTH DAY and EVERYDAY

Earth Day is April 22. A day to celebrate community, to advocate for change, and to volunteer for the good of the environment.

Let’s start simple. Easy. Free. Waterhouse has tips GALORE to help you out with this.

Here are just five ways you can start saving water on Earth Day—and every day:

1. Turn off the sink while you brush your teeth to save water. Same goes for handwashing. While scrubbing suds for 20 seconds, turn off your faucet until you are ready to rinse your hands clean. And shaving. Turn the water off until it’s time to rinse your razor.

2. Quick kitchen fixes:

Consider one pot meals. Fewer utensils and mixing bowls mean less clean-up for you and less water waste.

When cooking, peel and clean vegetables in a large bowl of water instead of under running water.

Scrap the rinse and scrape instead. When cleaning up after meals, scrape food scraps into the trash (or compost!) before loading the dishwasher. Washing and rinsing dishes in the sink uses more water than the dishwasher, but only run the washer when it’s full.

3. Lose the hose, reuse those drops. If you don’t drink all the water in your glass, use it to water houseplants or flowers in the garden. Leftover ice cubes can go right into small plant pots; as they slowly melt, they will give the roots just the water they need

4.  Run full loads of laundry.

5. Don’t use the toilet for trash. Used paper towels and tissues belong in the garbage. When you use the toilet as a trash can, you waste anywhere from one gallon of water to three gallons or more.


Happy (almost) Earth Day from Waterhouse.

Our Waterhouse is green...

Is yours?

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