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Bidets are weird and only fancy people use them. Waterhouse busts myths about bidets.

Posted by Amy Siders on May 12, 2022 0 Comments


There’s no doubt people have some resistance to bidets in the US. But, as the benefits of bidet use come to light, the stigma around bathroom hygiene is shifting.

Bidet companies are seeing sales double, or even up to 8x more interest in their products in the U.S. Eventually, bidet fixtures will be the new normal. Waterhouse wants you to be ahead of the curve. Be a trendsetter. Go BIDET!

This isn’t Europe, you know…

Year after year it's having a snowball effect. When people travel, they try it. A friend gets a bidet. Their friends and family try it and they love it. They stay in a hotel with a bidet and then wonder how they've used only toilet paper in the past. The more people that buy bidets, the more the word spreads, whether it's from media outlets, word of mouth, or social media. People today are more open to not only trying new things but openly talking about it, specifically bathroom practices. Ten years ago, it was unheard of, but nothing is taboo anymore.

According to a survey of more than 1,000 U.S. adults conducted by Propeller Insights on behalf of Bio Bidet in February of 2022, Americans are clueless about bidets. But they’re definitely curious. Only 12% of American adults say they know a lot about bidets. An overwhelming majority (82%) have never owned a bidet, and more than two-thirds (71%) have never even used one. More than a third of Americans (37%) don’t know what a bidet looks like.

Despite this lack of familiarity, Americans are clearly interested in bidets:

  • 60% would rather buy a bidet than an NFT
  • 45% have done some research recently to see different bidet options
  • 44% said bidets are a sleek and luxurious addition to a bathroom
  • Many would like to see more bidets in hotels (43%), restaurants (19%) and highway rest stops (13%)
  • 41% would like to see bidets in more public bathrooms — 60% currently avoid using public bathrooms to poop


Bidets are too expensive.

An excellent quality bidet seat will cost anywhere from $200 - $1000. A bidet toilet can run up to $6000 depending on the added features.  If you think of it only as a toilet seat, it’s difficult to wrap your head around spending that kind of money on a product that isn’t essential in everyday life. However, when you begin to consider the fact that bidet seats are appliances that will be used every day, multiple times a day, often by multiple people in your house, the cost begins to make sense. After all, how much do you spend on a washer and dryer that you only use once or twice a week?

If the cost of a bidet toilet seat is still preventing you from buying one, consider this: using a bidet seat will drastically reduce your toilet paper usage by about 80% (conservatively). How much does your household spend each year on toilet paper? After a few years, your bidet seat will pay for itself. AND, you never have to have battles about replacing the roll.

Who said wiping with dry paper is an effective way to clean up after toilet use, anyway? Each American uses about 40 rolls of toilet paper every year, and the average household uses 150 rolls per year. Although you can still use toilet paper to pat dry, using a bidet can reduce the amount you use by about 75% on average.

I’m not a plumber – I can’t install one of these.

A bidet seat replaces your existing toilet seat, attaching to the bowl. It draws water from the toilet’s supply line and electricity from a nearby outlet. With the press of a button on a remote, a wand extends beneath you and directs a stream of water powered by an electric pump to clean you up.

In fact, installing a bidet toilet seat is quite easy and is not permanent. You don’t need a contractor to plan out the bidet seat installation process because it simply fits on top of your toilet bowl. It doesn’t require any floor space in your bathroom like traditional fixture type bidets.

So, what have we learned today?

Bidets don’t have to be expensive.

You don’t have to be fancy to own one or use one (but it can make you feel fancy!)

You can own one in Paris, Texas or Paris, France.

You don’t have to be an expert plumber to install one.

Bidets are for everyone.

Waterhouse knows this.

We want you to know this too.

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