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Bathrooms scarier than any horror movie...

Posted by Amy Siders on May 12, 2022 0 Comments
It's Friday the 13th and the Waterhouse team would like to slowly ease you into our tour of the scariest bathrooms that we've ever seen.
Tim Burton, esteemed director of Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, The Corpse Bride, and The Nightmare Before Christmas, just to name a few, could have personally designed this powder room.
We're calling it "Too Much of a Good Thing."
Don't let your bathroom renovation turn into a nightmare.
Let Waterhouse help. We'll be gentle. We promise.
Next stop on our Friday the 13th bathroom tour is this color explosion that might just  make your blood run cold.
Here, orange wallpaper, dark wood, an orange Formica countertop, dated tile floor, and a wooden toilet seat could move from the dark side and come into the light with just a few tweaks...
 What if we turned this nightmare inside out by choosing stunning shades of gray and orange and adding simple gold fixtures and accessories.
Wallpaper doesn't have to be scary either.
Be brave.
Go bold.
Let Waterhouse hold the (metaphorical) flashlight for you.
Brace yourself for this one...
A painted black and white checked optical illusion vortex portal to who-knows-where could make potty training nearly IMPOSSIBLE for even the most seasoned parent...
Call us fraidy-cats, but our hearts beat faster (in a much different way) when you show us a lovely blue and cream repeating pattern on this lovely lavatory floor.
Waterhouse will choose the non-portal painted floor every time. 
Every. Single. Time.
Friday the 13 is scary enough.
No one should be subjected to shades of seafoam, mint, and jade all at the same time. In the same bathroom, no less.
Mint isn't just for ice cream anymore. Check out this soothing (not scary at all!) mint vanity paired with black framed Pivot mirrors, crisp white countertops, and polished chrome fixtures.
The Waterhouse team wouldn't ever shy away from a lovely lavatory like this. Even if the lights went out all of a sudden and the phone went dead.
How do you turn an orange and green horror show into a romantic comedy?
Take away the rust shag carpet, the busy tile and the avocado sink and bathtub. Add a polished gold faucet, mirror, wall sconce, and drawer pulls, mute the rust to a soft peach on the vanity and add the most delightful wallpaper that the Waterhouse team has ever seen.
Bathrooms shouldn't be scary.
Even on Friday the 13th.
No Friday the 13th tour of scary bathrooms would be complete without a shot of this glowing red toilet straight from our nightmares.
Waterhouse agrees that a soft glow at night keeps the bathroom safer (and cleaner, too!) but we prefer the soothing blue hue from Kohler's CACHET Nightlight toilet seat.
Some good rules of thumb...
Choose blue over red for your toilet seat nightlight color.
Don't wear high heels in the woods.
Don't pick up hitchhikers.
Don't open the door for strangers.
All good rules to follow.
Happy Friday the 13th from the Waterhouse team.

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