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Shop Local - Buy with Confidence!

Posted by Scott Williams on February 29, 2016 0 Comments

"Oh, that's the expensive place in Perrysburg."

"Yeah, I've heard of them, but I could never afford to shop there."

"I don't want to spend thousands, I have to stay in a budget."

These are all comments we have been hearing, and we want you to know we have been listening. There is a common misconception that because we like to show off the "Ferrari and Lamborghini"of plumbing products, that everything we sell is at the top-tier price point. Not only do we have products that can fit just about any budget, we are more competitive than almost everyone else on most items!  Don't be scared off by our custom and designer lines, if you are in the market for a top-level quality product, but have to stay within a budget, we have products to make your dreams a reality!

We know that you are smart and savvy.  We are also aware some of our Core Brands are available from a multitude of competitors and online.  

We know that when making selections, the last thing you want to worry about is if you are getting a fair price.  

That is why we are now offering our Waterhouse Best Price Match Guarantee for Waterhouse Core Brand manufacturers.  This is to ensure you can focus on the products that fit your design style, and that your shopping experience at Waterhouse is worry-free.  You can shop at Waterhouse with confidence knowing you are getting the absolute best service at the Guaranteed Best Price; while supporting the only locally owned and family operated Kitchen and Bath showroom in the Toledo area.

If you are going to buy, wouldn't you prefer to buy it locally, with confidence that you're getting the best price, best customer service, and from a company that will support you and your purchase for the life of your product?


Waterhouse Core Brands Include Kohler, Moen, and Delta residential products.

If you find a current lower price on an identical Waterhouse Core Brand product from a local competitor or Certified Online Retail Partner, Waterhouse Guarantees to match the price.


Legal Jargon our Lawyer said we had to include:

Best Price Match Guarantee applies to purchaser of product and is not extended to existing standing accounts or third party purchases.  Match not extended to subsidiary companies of Waterhouse Core Brands.  The Waterhouse Best Price Guarantee excludes bid pricing, volume discounts, going-out-of-business sales, clearance, obsolete, closeout, liquidation sales, discontinued, damaged, used, open package merchandise, refurbished, pre-owned, coupon offers, Groupon offers, credit card offers, gift card offers, financing, service offers, bundled offers, sales tax promotions, free item offers, rebate or mail-in offers.

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