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Axor Bouroullec – the bathroom as a landscape

Posted by Dion Wilson on December 01, 2011 0 Comments

Feel Free to Compose

A synthesis of functionality and aesthetic appeal, movement and peaceful design

Interior designers and bathroom planners who want to give rooms an unmistakeable appearance often search for a synthesis between two principles: function and aesthetics. Axor Bouroullec, the latest collection from Axor, the Hansgrohe designer brand, combines these two aspects in the bathroom like never before. And that is not all: it complements a steady design hand with accents that add a sense of movement to the overall picture. Axor Bouroullec creates landscapes in the bathroom, the topography of which is decided upon by users in line with their functional and aesthetic preferences.

Shelves: personally shaped topography on the wash basin

The Axor Bouroullec bathroom landscape focusses on the wash basin. Several shelves protrude from the wash basin at different heights, resembling terraces beside a lake with a basin that harmoniously blends into the surroundings. Owners have the freedom to choose how to use the shelves in line with their desires and needs: what should be placed or decoratively positioned around the wash basin; do mixers take up individual shelves or is the wash basin kept completely clear? The spout could be positioned on the side and rise up from the wash basin like a beacon over the landscape. The designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec therefore never just focus on the design alone; they always combine it with an added benefit. By allowing users to optimally combine the spout, control units and shelves, they can create their own personal landscape on the wash basin.

Axor Bouroullec intensifies bathroom discussions

Due to this and more fundamental questions about how users want to live and experience water in their bathrooms, consulting services are becoming far more important. Philippe Grohe, Head of the Axor brand, commented: “How can we make the bathroom somewhere we can feel good, somewhere that suits us and somewhere we can recoup or relax in the morning or evening, on our own or while talking to family and friends? Holding in-depth discussions with customers on precisely these matters, gives us a fantastic opportunity. Our specialist partners can find out what their customers’ personal bathrooms should be like and help them create a more beautiful life in and with the bathroom.”

Creating landscapes on the wash basin and in the shower

The opportunities offered for the wash basin are also available throughout the room, through the showerpipe in the shower area, the different shelves on the wash basin and the wall behind the wash basin. Axor Bouroullec accepts the invitation to “Feel Free to Compose”, as per the motto of the bathroom collection, with recurring design features and choices in all areas of the bathroom.

In parallel, the Axor Bouroullec mixers with their understate design take a back seat. The flowing shapes of the forward-tapered spout are timeless; the lever and rotary knobs without corners or edges are pleasing to the touch. Axor Bouroullec therefore makes it possible to take the tranquil base of a minimalist-organic design language and send out strong signals through the undulating bathroom landscape.

Axor Bouroullec will be available for the majority or 2012 exclusively at Axor Design Studios (ADS). Waterhouse bath & kitchen studio is Ohio's only ADS and will be the only showroom in the region to feature the Axor Bouroullec through the summer of 2012. So we invite you to Feel Free to Compose with us.

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec – truly individual

The two Frenchmen are among the most popular creative minds of the 21st century. Their designs oscillate between refined, organic forms and powerful optics. They are characterised by their evocation of imagination and a creative approach: "The user decides!" is the motto of the Bouroullec brothers, and by that they are referring to the freedom to combine and use their items according to the user's own personal requirements. Freedom is also the key notion in their first bathroom collection.

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