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Refrigerators in the Bathroom!

Posted by Jenna Frederick on August 27, 2015 0 Comments read the title right. The hot, new trend is to put a mini, or full, sized refrigerator in your bathroom! According to Houzz, here are seven reasons why it might not be such a crazy concept!


1. Morning caffeine and getting ready go together like coffee and cream! I mean, what's better than having your java brewing while you're soaping up in the shower!?

2. It's important to stay hydrated if you're taking a long steam or soak. Having a cool bottle of water on hand is great for these moments! 

3. Sometimes couples want to retreat to the suite for a nightcap. 'Cheers' to a glass of bubbly in the tub! 

4. Some medications and vitamins are best kept at below-room temperature. 

5. Products like eye cream and lotion have a different and better feel when applied cold. Bonus points for face masks! 

6. In addition to beverages, natural beauty aids can be stored in the bathroom. You never know when you'll need cucumber slices on your eyes for that face mask! 

7. They're easy to hide. Camouflaging is easy with modern technology and gorgeous design! 



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