The Wholesaler: June 2013 - Game Changers

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By Dion Wilson
Showroom specialist

As one of my many duties as manager here at Waterhouse, I oversee our social media program. A few months ago I came across a Facebook post that was so relevant to what we do that it has really stuck with me. It was a post by Kiel Wuellner, manager extraordinaire of the Axor NYC Design Studio. Kiel’s post was a photo of himself making preparations to host Metropolis Magazine’s Game-changers event at the Axor Design Studio. As you can see from the photo I included, Kiel was writing out the definition (In the most sickening perfect handwriting) of game-changer.

Game-changer (noun) - A person, an idea or an event that completely changes the way a situation develops.

His post really got me thinking who or what are some of the game-changers within our industry. My first thought was of products like the Brizo Pascal kitchen faucet. The Pascal was the first hands-free and touch activated faucet. It was the springboard for Brizo / Delta’s Touch2o kitchen faucets and the game-changer that produced the current trend. I think you can find many products in recent years that can be considered game-changers from the Toto Neorest toilet, Hansgrohe iBox universal valve, to the Kohler Moxie Bluetooth music playing showerhead. There are just too many to list. These are products I think have had an obvious effect on what we do and how we do it. 

I bring all this up because I think each of us has the potential to be a game-changer within our own market and within our industry. A game-changer is not just a product it can be a person or an idea. Jeremy Smith Sales Manager at Central Arizona Supply executed a themed grand opening for their newest showroom in Phoenix. They called it “a vintage grand opening” where guests were encouraged to dress in vintage period 1960’s similar to the style popularized in the AMC show Mad Men. Splash Kitchen Bath Home holds a unique educational experience open to the public. It is an outdoor event called Design Squared held in downtown Pittsburg’s Market Square. Fixture Living of California offers a showroom experience to their customers unlike anyone else. From their Bliss Café to their motto Live Joyfully, Fixture Living’s approach is very unique. I could write a whole article on the way Fixture Living does things and plan to do so very soon. I not only see them as a game-changer but in my opinion even though they are not the largest, they are the Apple computer of our industry. Each of these is a game-changer in its own right. All it takes is a vision and the courage to leap.

If you pay attention to our industry it is not hard to tell who the game-changers are. They are usually the ones that are leading and often copied by everyone else. I would love to hear what or who you think is a game-changer within our industry. Drop me an email or send me a message on Twitter or Facebook. What or who is going to be the next game-changer? Only time will tell but with some effort it just could be you!

Dion Wilson, Manager of Waterhouse Bath & Kitchen Studio, and inter

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